1. Fill out a Student Information Form and email/text it to me 

  2. Schedule a phone call (prepayment required)

  3. In-person meeting


Having most recent evaluations, the Individualized Education Program (IEP) document or other school plan, and most recent report card at this stage will help me to understand the situation.

Case Acceptance

Based on our initial consultations, I determine if I can assist you to resolve your child's school problem. If help from the parent center, another agency or a legal services provider is more appropriate for your child's case, I will say so at this point.

Records Review

If your child has ever attended public school, records are requested from the school district.


You provide any records not available from the school (private reports, medical records, work samples, emails/letters, etc.).

This step helps us to create an action-plan to advocate for an appropriate educational program for your child.

Obtain Evaluations

If the school district has not completed comprehensive evaluations in all areas of suspected disability, those must be requested and completed. I help you to ensure this process moves as quickly as possible. 

Independent evaluations may be needed to document what special education and related services your child needs. 


​I can assist families with the evaluation process, but I do not perform evaluations or treat children.

Attend School Meetings

I attend IEP, 504 and other types of school meetings to support you to clearly assert your parent concerns and requests. My personal style of advocacy at meetings is calm, respectful and goal oriented. 

Not all problems can be solved at these team meetings, but clearly raising all concerns at these meetings is an important step that cannot be bypassed.

Respond to School Proposals

I assist you to respond to the school district’s proposed IEP, 504 or other written proposal to ensure that all agreed portions of the program can start as soon as possible, and areas of disagreement are identified.

Dispute Resolution

For areas of persistent disagreement with the school district that cannot be resolved at team meetings, I assist parents to clarify and resolve disagreements informally, or participate in some parts of the dispute resolution continuum.

I do not prepare Due Process Complaints or represent parents at Due Process Hearings. Parents should consult a qualified special education attorney, or a legal advocacy agency, if the need to request (or respond to) an IDEA Due Process Complaint (Request for Hearing) arises. 

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Services include

  • Becoming familiar with the child's disability needs and educational history

  • Assisting parents to navigate special education procedures efficiently

  • Assisting parents to understand school assessment reports

  • Assisting parents to prepare well for school meetings

  • Attending school meetings with parents

  • Assisting parents to effectively voice the child's needs in meetings and submissions

  • Assisting parents to analyze and respond effectively to school proposals (IEP, 504 plan)

  • Assisting parents to obtain independent evaluations when needed

  • Developing strategies for achieving appropriate school programs

  • Providing support and encouragement to parents