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Hiring Sally Kirk as an advocate for our children was the best decision we have made in a long time regarding their education.  When our son, diagnosed with Autism, was ready to transition to a larger school district for middle school, I enlisted Ms. Kirk to help me communicate effectively with his new team to ensure his needs were being met. 


Shortly after hiring Ms. Kirk, our daughter, also diagnosed with Autism, began struggling at school in her new classroom.  She was having prolonged, violent tantrums and her classroom team could no longer offer her appropriate interventions. The situation was so dire, she would not leave the car when it was time to go to school.  Ms. Kirk was quick to review my daughter’s file to assist with her case.  She kept a calm, professional demeanor and helped navigate us through an emotional and trying time.  Her educated and collaborative approach enabled us to work with the school district to find a non-public school better suited to address her acute behavioral needs.  Ms. Kirk took on my daughter’s case in the fall and by the end of winter break, she was starting at her new school. 


Throughout all of this, she also helped us address the shortcomings of our son’s IEP and he was also moved to a more suitable program within his school district.  We could not have done this without the assistance of Ms. Kirk.  She is kind, organized, professional and she has made all the difference in our children’s education.

Parent of two children with autism - North Bay, 2020

Sally helped us navigate the meetings with school staff, and guided us through the different stages of evaluations and assessments of my son's educational needs. She did a wonderful job looking out for my son and us as parents. She is also very detail oriented and familiar with the procedure of receiving educational services. I don't believe we would have prevailed without her help.

Parent of 12th grade student with autism - North Bay, 2019

Sally Kirk was a godsend. She helped me navigate the complicated IEP process during a very stressful time. She is amazingly efficient, intelligent and not afraid to exercise her power in protecting your best interests and rights in dealing with the school district. I would have been lost without her. I would recommend her highly to anyone needing guidance and a powerful ally in the support of your child's educational rights.

Parent of 5th grade child with emotional needs - North Bay, 2019

Meeting with the school district and advocating for a child with special needs is a daunting task. The relief that I felt with Sally by my side during the process has been priceless. She thinks in a way that I do not, but needed to in dealing with the school. Sally understands the procedures and guidelines to the entire process of advocating for a child's education. Sally did the research and helped me navigate the bureaucracy of the school district. I was able to relax, be a parent, and partner with my child's educators. Besides being extremely good at what she does, Sally is a beautiful person inside and out.

Parent of 4th grade child with ASD - North Bay, 2019

Sally Kirk has been instrumental in helping us find the right placement and services for our two children with ADHD and Dyslexia. She knows the special education procedures well, is knowledgeable in special education services available, and is easy to get in touch with.

Sally has a very calm demeanor which facilitates positive outcomes in meetings. My principal actually told me "she is the best advocate I have worked with." She is non-confrontational, but gets the point across in a positive way.

Both my children have moved in a positive educational direction due to Sally's services. I have referred several friends to her and will continue to do so without hesitation. She is a wonderful person to work with.

Parent of 5th and 6th grade children with ADHD/Dyslexia - East Bay, 2019

My son was diagnosed with autism, dysgraphia, PTSD with many symptoms. He needed help, and I attended many school meetings, for over two years, where I felt left out, judged, intimidated and experienced a “gatekeeper” mentality from the school team. The IEP experience was one of denials and futility for me. I was missing sleep and constantly worrying. 


When Sally accepted my son’s case in summer 2018, she kept going and going for nine intense months, leaving no stone unturned. It was not a quick and painless process, but Sally assisted me to get organized and connect with professionals who helped get a strong outcome for my son.


Sally is not only an advocate, she is passionate about her work and compassionate to parents. Sally has always had open contact with me and never left me thinking that my opinions didn’t matter. She encouraged me when it was difficult, and we ended up with a very good outcome for my child, who is now getting the help he needs. I love the heck out of Sally - she’s awesome!

CG, Parent of 7th grader with ASD - North Bay, 2019

We feel so grateful to have Sally in our corner. Sally goes above and beyond to advocate in the best interest of the child. Her professional and collaborative demeanor has helped us keep a positive relationship with our school while still ensuring our child's educational needs are supported. She has taken the time to understand our child and has also made additional helpful recommendations outside the school setting. Sally is highly organized, responsive and lovely to work with.

Parent of 1st grader with autism - North Bay, 2019

Sally has been so amazing, helping me organize and staying on track with my daughter's IEP. Her services helped my daughter get the things she needed. Without her knowledge, I don’t think I will be able to survive those stressful IEPs. She really works hard to get the goals done and has compassion to her client. 


Parent of 9-year-old with learning disabilities and communication impairment - North Bay, 2019

"With four days left to my daughter's emergency IEP, finding Sally was a stroke of incredible luck.  She was, in short, a miracle at a time when I most needed one. Over the next few days, she guided me through the IEP process with utter calm, dedication, patience, and a wealth of knowledge. With her by my side at the IEP meeting itself, I felt confident. And that alone was worth every penny I paid her! A consummate professional who is big-hearted as well, Sally Kirk is a must-hire! I give the highest recommendation."

Parent of 12-year-old - SF Bay Area, 2018

"The IEP process can be incredibly complicated and difficult to navigate. Working with Sally on our team made all the difference in the world. She prepared us for what to expect at the IEP meetings, attended the meetings with us, and provided invaluable guidance in how best to respond to the district. She conveys a respectful yet assertive tone, and we appreciated her combination of organization, expertise, and warmth. We feel we owe Sally a great debt of gratitude as we now have the appropriate school services in place for our son."

Parents of 6-year-old with autism, 2018

"Obtaining appropriate services for our son from his school district was daunting from day one. Our lack of information and experience left us vulnerable and prone to mistakes. We were literally lost in the forest until we met Sally. She's informed, thorough, exact and insightful. Sally isn't just an advocate, she's a guardian, a shepherd guiding the way."


Parents of 12-year-old - East Bay, 2017

"Sally has been instrumental in helping us navigate the school system and getting help for our very unique son.


She led us down the appropriate path to help him get exactly what we needed for him. She has also kept us organized, held our hand every step of the way and helped us stay calm and confident amidst what can be a very challenging and complicated situation.


She has empathy, compassion and most of all knowledge. She understands the ins and outs of the system and has helped us stay grounded, centered and on task through what would otherwise have been an extremely difficult process.


We trust Sally unconditionally. Without her help, we would be totally lost, alone and stressed out. Finding Sally has truly been a godsend."

Parent of 5-year-old with autism - North Bay, 2017

"Sally helped me when the school district was not fulfilling my son's IEP services. She guided me through the IEP process and helped me obtain an evaluation that led to major improvements in my son's program and outcome. She assisted in our successful mediation process. Sally was also helpful with tons of excellent resources."


Parent of 5-year-old with multiple disabilities - Solano County, 2017

"After battling my child’s school district for 4 years I hired Sally. I knew from my first meeting that she had a strong grasp of the Special Education process. Sally’s guidance and presence was invaluable in helping us through the whole IEP process.  Step by Step she knew the system and advised accordingly.  This, in turn, helped me to feel empowered when advocating for my child’s needs.


Sally was professional and respectful at our IEP meetings. She responded to all my emails, calls, texts promptly and spent considerable time listening and understand what was going on.  She was very kind and patient while mentoring and guiding us through the whole process. 


I highly recommend Sally as a key player when advocating for your child’s educational success and pathway.  She was a gift to our family’s life. We owe tremendous gratitude to Sally for paving the way for our son to get an appropriate educational placement.  I feel peace and comfort knowing that my child be will starting a new program that will work toward his success."

Parent of 8-year-old with autism - SF Bay Area, 2017

"Sally Kirk gave us the guidance and support we needed to get our child a placement in a non-public school. She began by thoroughly educating us on the process, including what we could expect, what the school district might do, and what information would be important to share at IEP meetings. She was right there with us, expertly supporting us every step of the way. Without Sally's assistance, we would not have gotten the positive outcome we were hoping for."

Parent of middle school student - North Bay, 2017

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